Investor Relations

Award winning product line. All natural CBD products with essential oils.
Ignite presents a unique opportunity to leverage international brand recognition to launch products globally.
Best Buds: 41 million social media followers drives international market awareness


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Company Overview

Ignite International Brands, Ltd. is an investment company with a focus on opportunities in the Canadian and global cannabis sector. The Company has a Trademark & Copyright License Agreement with Ignite International, Ltd., a company founded by Dan Bilzerian, that permits it to market, promote, manufacture, sell, and distribute Ignite branded products in Canada and in all international markets, as well as investments in cannabis and cannabis-related companies.

Investor Contact Information


Ignite International Brands, Ltd.
11 Cidermill Ave
Unit 200
Vaughan, ON L4K 4B6
T: 905-669-2192
F: 905-669-4690

Investor Relations